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Pod K300 Knee Brace
Pod K300 Knee Brace


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PODMX K300 MX Knee Braces were designed by the study and movement of the human knee. Shock absorbers offer a smooth triaxial knee motion in addition to incredible support. The K300 has been injection molded in glass-reinforced nylon for amazing strength and support. The K300 MX Knee Brace has interior strap loops that control knee rotation. The best feature about the K300 Brace is the self-tracking patella guard. This guards stays directly in front of your knee and in times of impact, it transfers the force away from the knee into other areas of the brace. The K300 MX Knee Brace is a more affordable option that still offers superior protection!


  • Inspired by the human body, the patented Human Motion Hinge uses shock-absorbing ligaments engineered from advanced materials to provide natural triaxial knee motion combined with ultimate support
  • The K300 knee brace in the POD MX range is injection molded in glass-reinforced nylon for structural strength and shares the same modular design and features as the premium knee brace
  • Interior Strap loops capture your leg to resist rotational forces and brace migration
  • Self-Tracking Patella guard stays positioned in front of your knee and transfers impacts through out the brace and away from the knee itself
  • Antibacterial moisture wicking frame liners, condyle pads and strap pads keep you cool and comfortable

Sizing Chart: Knee Width Measurements

Small - 10.0 -10.8cm


Large - 11.4-12.0cm

X-Large - 12.0-12.7cm

XX-Large - 12.7-13.4cm

Spare Part info can be found here - https://www.podactive.com/spare-parts-finder/