BS Battery SLA_U1R-9 12N24-3A


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U1R-9 battery is a part of our SLA range. Designed to make the user life easier, this 12V 28Ah battery is ready to use, 100% maintenance free and completely spill proof.

Extremely simple to install & carry, this U1R-9 battery offers increased power, extended life and maximum reliability to all powersport & garden vehicles that require high performance.



  • Technology: SLA
  • Voltage (V): 12
  • Capacity 20hr (Ah): 28
  • CCA (A): 300
  • Polartiy: 63
  • Terminal: A
  • Dimensions (mm): 195 x 125 x 176



  • Wet charged factory activated and ready to go
  • Higher life cycle (up to three times longer than conventional batteries)
  • Easy to install (no risk of spilling acid)
  • Plate sulfation minimized
  • AGM construction (absorbed acid)
  • VRLA battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
  • Sealed, no gas emission through venting hole (under normal operation)
  • Increased power and extended life
  • Extreme vibration resistance

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