BS Battery Lithium BSLi_10 12v 72Wh 360A


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BSLi-10 battery is a part of our LiFePO4 range. Designed for the most demanding riders, this 12.8V 6Ah (90Wh) battery offers maximum starting performance, further safety and higher cycle life. With its ultra-lightweight design, this BSLi-10 battery provides faster acceleration to all powersport vehicles.

Useful, this battery is equipped with a voltage indicator to check the state of charge at any time.


Replacement Conversion from BS Batteriers SLA:

BTX20L, BTX20HL, BTX24HL, SLA12-19, BTX20L-BS, BTX20HL-BS, BTX24HL-BS, SLA12-19-BS, B50-N18L-A/A2/A3, 51913, 51814


  • Technology: LiFePO4
  • Voltage (V): 12.8
  • Capacity 10hr (Ah): 6
  • Power (Wh): 72
  • CCA (A): 360
  • Polartiy: 63
  • Terminal: P
  • Dimensions (mm): 148 x 86 x 105



  • Ready to use
  • Lighter weight – up to 70% than lead acid batteries
  • Multi-positioning mounting – up to 180°
  • Extensive cycle life – over 2000 cycles
  • Fast charging
  • Very safe and environmental friendly
  • Very low self discharge
  • Can start engines after a long period of storage
  • Robust brass terminals
  • Heat temperature resistance up to 230 °C
  • Waterproof design
  • Spacers to adjust the dimensions if necessary, to make sure new battery can be installed firmly in the battery box


Find the correct fitment for your motorcycle here: BS Battery Fitment Guide